6 Most Common Mistakes With Facebook Ad and Solutions

As with traditional advertising meiums like TV and radio, you shouldn’t run the same ad day and night.

If you don’t set a cap on how often your ads are shown, you run the risk of over-exposing your target audience – in fact, research from The Drum suggests users can start get tire of your campaign within 3 days of first seeing it.

One of the best ways to avoid this is to set a custom scheule for your Facebook ad campaign. This allows you to show your ads only on the days or at times that are most relevant to your target audience.

By Reaching Customers at a Time When They Are More Likely

To buy and minimizing the risk of overexposure, you’ll see dramatic improvements to your campaigns. And at least, if you can do this, customers will not ‘bore you.

2. Irrelevant Landing Pages
A compelling Facebook ad is only Canadian Hotels Motels Email List part of the problem, you also nee to consider where your ad takes users after they click.

For most brands, their ad will lead to a landing page, which is where you nee to deliver on your original advertising promise and deliver what capture their interest.

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Unfortunately Many Advertisers Fall for This

Some marketers will run a promotion for a specific product. Only to lead users to a generic homepage – or even an entirely different offer. Don’t do that!

Your potential customer clicke on your ad because of what you promise. If the landing page connecte to that ad doesn’t deliver on that CMB Directory promise, with the right content, images, and the like, those leads will leave, and your marketing budget will be like that. ‘out the window’ already.

Make sure your landing page matches your ad. This is a key element of Facebook ad performance.

3. Going too fast with your campaign
Facebook can be a remarkable and powerful platform for marketing. But that doesn’t mean your campaign will always deliver great results.

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