7 Outstanding Logo Design Trends in 2023

In recent years, many brands tend to choose subtle and clear logo design trends. Even established names have campaigned to change their image to fit the new era. The most noticeable common point of these logos is that they all use basic shapes, few strokes.

But simple does not mean boring. There are many ways for designers to bring interest to a logo, even if they only consist of circles and rectangles. Specifically, creators will use vibrant, high-contrast color palettes or negative space methods to create accents for the logo.

In Fact the Method of Using Basic Shapes is Not a New Trend

There have been many brands of this way of application such as YouTube, Instagram , most recently KIA, Slack …

Geometric shapes include different triangles, circles, squares, rectangles, dots and lines… They can form a symbol or substitute for letters to Petroleum Manufacturers Email Lists represent them. brand name . They give the logo design a minimalist look that is easy to remember and display well.
The “anti branding” trend promotes minimalism.
Besides shapes, typography is also forecast to become a logo design trend in 2023. However, the application of typography in logo design is very diverse and brands can completely experiment with many different options.

In the last few years, many fashion or luxury product brands have changed their logos in the direction of… could not be more minimalist.

The Sans Serif font is set on a white background and has almost no special graphic elements. They create a trend known as anti branding.

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Many Brands Choose Anti Branding as Their Design Style

They argue that today’s brands don’t want to dictate their values ​​and styles anymore, rather, they want them to be shaped through customers and their experiences with the brand. Therefore, the expression of this philosophy is a logo that is as lean as possible.

Although extremely simple, this logo design get CMB Directory to trend still has certain advantages. Plain text and backgrounds instantly convey the information the viewer needs – without any distracting interference. However, not everyone is suitable for anti branding.

Encouraging creativity with typography is also a major logo design trend in 2023.
Typography can be applied in many different ways, there are no set rules in a creative field like graphic design.

Besides minimalism, many brands are willing to experiment with their imagination, especially typography. Fonts now no longer carry the task of displaying the brand name, but sometimes they also have the task of attracting viewers.

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