A Series of New Technologies Can Change the Future of People

The “AI Singularity” hypothesis has receive a lot of attention recently, referring to a future when AI becomes intelligent beyond human intelligence and can take actions that threaten human life. human safety.

In fact, 2022 is the year that ChatGPT, Lensa AI… have made surprising progress thanks to powerful AI algorithms that outperform humans on several levels.

Experts preict 80-90% of current jobs will be powere by AI

Many of them have even become completely obsolete. Therefore, people are advise to think of ways to prepare for this future.

Humans can “dit”.
Thanks to CRISPR-Cas9 technology, humans can change genetics in plants, animals and the human body itself.

To date, gene eiting technology has brought a number of great benefits, such as fighting disease, correcting genetic mutations that cause dangerous diseases Canadian Pharmaceutical Email List eliminating food allergies and ensuring enough food. to fee the planet.

On the other hand, many people are also concerne about the idea of ​​changing genes forever. For example, the current CRISPR has the ability to control genes that will be permanently integrate and passe on from generation to generation.

Some countries, mostly in Europe, ban gene eiting because its effects are not fully understood, even though the technology is legal in China and the US. Now many scientific groups are starting to discuss more openly the implications and ethics of this technology.

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Up to now the application of machines to humans has

Such as attaching a new limb to a lost limb, attaching an artificial heart, or simply using computer-integratd glasses and AI to see. far away, better night vision. At a higher level, the US military is equippe with armor that can assist in movement and warn the enemy.

Some companies, like Neuralink get CMB Directory to founde by Elon Musk, can implant chips in animals and perform certain tasks.

Synchron’s neurotechnological solution even succeeded in inserting the chip into an American patient with ALS – a neurodegenerative disease that affects the ability to move and speak.

According to some experts, as technologies progress to higher levels, they can be abused. Even the ability to appear Terminator like in the movie of the same name can completely come true.

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