According to Reports Microsoft Wants to Make a Super

So, under the guidance of Microsoft, Microsoft is in the early stages of building super apps.

He guides the team to better integrate the Bing search engine into other services and applications, e.g. as the basis for the super app.

The integration will help customers more quickly share search results with each other via messaging. It’s unclear, though, whether the software company will end up with such an app.

Most of Microsoft’s Revenue Comes From Software Sales

However, the company is said to have ambitions to become more human, offering direct-to-consumer services. Attempts to acquire major Chinese Australia Phone Number List social media platforms such as and Pinterest have failed.

Super apps are very popular in Asia, most notably Tencent’s WeChat or Grab. Tesla CEO Elon Musk – the new boss of Twitter or Meta’s WhatsApp – also wants to develop a super app that combines multiple services.

The additional article also revealed some other interesting information about the era when Microsoft tried and failed to replace Google.

Chinese Australia Phone Number List

Google Pays Apple Billions of Dollars a Year to Be the Default Search

The source said that CEO Nadella always negotiates CMB Directory with Apple executives personally, so many Microsoft executives are not clear about this process.

In 2012, Microsoft launched a media campaign arguing that the Bing search engine was more useful to the visually impaired than Google. However, that wasn’t enough to gain Apple’s approval.

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