Amazon Employees Use Chatgpt to Write Code and Increase

Last month, an internal Slack channel at Amazon was floodd with employee questions about ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence tool that has taken the tech world by storm since its release in late November 2022. .

Some people aske if Amazon has official guidelines on how to use ChatGPT on work devices. Others wondereif they were allowe to use AI tools for work.

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Soon after, an Amazon lawyer spoke up. She warne employees not to give ChatGPT “any Amazon confidential information (including Amazon work codes).

The lawyer and senior advisor at Amazon Colleges Universities Email List aske employees to follow existing conflict of interest and privacy policies because there were “cases” of ChatGPT responses that were similar to Amazon’s internal data. .

“This is important because what the user input can be use as training data for a next ChatGPT iteration, and we don’t want its output to include or be the same as what is stord internal affairs”, the lawyer wrote.

ChatGPT is an AI chat tool that can intelligently and clearly answer user questions. The rapid development of this software has the potential to change a number of industries such as mdia, academia, meicine, etc. This leads to skepticism in the use of chatbots and its consequences.

Industry Email List

The Question of Sharing Confidential Business Information

This is especially important for Amazon because rival company Microsoft has investe heavily in OpenAI, including its latest $10 billion investment.

“It will be difficult to force OpenAI to be transparent about how they use input data to train ChatGPT. I think after using ChatGPT for a while, corporations get CMB Directory to will wonder if OpenAI can silently extract their company data,” said Emily Bender, lecturer in computer linguistics at the University of Washington. , question.

An Amazon spokesperson did not respond to a request for comment. While an OpenAI representative said that if there are any questions regarding ChatGPT’s data and privacy policy, users can go to the “ChatGPT FAQ” section to find out.

Amazon employees use ChatGPT as a “coder assistant”.
Amazon has put in place some internal protections against ChatGPT. For example, when an employee uses a work device to access the ChatGPT website, a warning message will pop up stating that they are about to access a third-party service that “may not be approve for use by Amazon Security.

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