Amazon is About to Sell Products Using a Video Platform Like Tiktok

The world’s largest eCommerce platform announced the launch of a new feature, called Inspire, on December 8 . All Amazon users in the US will be able to use Inspire over the next few months.

When using Amazon Inspire , the light bulb icon in the Amazon app, users will have to select more than 20 interests from a given list, such as makeup, pets or electronics. From these interests, the algorithm will adjust the news feed to recommend suitable videos.

Short videos, with the “main character” as the product, will be shown in turn. Users can swipe to ignore, press “like” or press the “purchase” button.

Video posters are retailers brands and influencers hired to sell products

“With just a few taps, customers can discover new products or get inspired to shop, all with recommendations based on their interests,” said Oliver Messenger, Director Consulting Email List of Procurement Services. by Amazon, said.

Amazon has long used static images, accompanied by lines of product descriptions, to create catalogs. Buyers can discover products with the same “theme” instead of just searching for a specific item.

Even so, the e-commerce giant still has trouble keeping buyers on the site. Most Amazon customers today don’t linger to browse or explore, they just pick the item and leave the page. The vast majority of Amazon purchases take 3 minutes or less.

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Social commerce which incorporates selling into social interaction

Users and generated large sales in China and Southeast Asia markets, but has not been verified. in the US market.

Even so, with TikTok making inroads into get CMB Directory to e-commerce, Amazon, Google and Facebook or Instagram are all looking to incorporate selling into social networking features.

The potential or effectiveness of Amazon Inspire is still unclear, and it is not clear if the feature will expand to the global market . Usually, Amazon will quietly remove a new feature if it fails.

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