Bing Integrates New Chatgpt With More Than 100 Million

The fact that Bing search engine is integrated with ChatGPT artificial intelligence platform makes users flock to this search engine.

In a blog post and Twitter on March 9, Microsoft Corporation Vice President Yusuf Mehdi said the Bing search engine now has 100 million users, a number that was once considered “impossible”.

“We are pleased to share that after several years of steady growth and push from millions of users of the new Bing experience, we have surpassed the 100 million daily active user (MAU) mark,” Yusuf Mehdi wrote on blog.

In Addition Microsoft Leaders Revealed That Out of Millions

About a third of them are using their search engine for the first time. The success of Bing AI also helps them see new directions in the market. It’s integrating search, answering questions, chat and creativity in one platform.

After Bing AI launched, curious users experimented with ChatGPT-style features on Bing and Edge browser.  As more and more people use Wholesale Email List the new Bing and Edge, we’re seeing new capabilities try and adopt, proving the value of integrated chat and search experiences,” said Yusuf Mehdi. know more.

In February, Microsoft launched a new version of its Bing search engine, integrating the artificial intelligence platform of OpenAI. It’s a bold move to steal traffic from rival Google, which dominates the market.

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The Move Also Shows That Bing Doesn’t Have Much to Lose if the Test Fails

Now, it seems that Microsoft’s risky move has paid off.

Compared to more than a billion people daily who still “Google” every time they need to search for something on the Internet, Bing’s 100 million CMB Directory number is still small. But it is an important milestone for a tool that was once considered a “joke” next to the giant Google.

Over a million signups to the Bing AI experience waiting list, social media and media flooded with news, early user feedback. The New York Times even published an entire two-hour conversation between Bing and technology editor Kevin Roose.

Of course, there are also complaints about the mistakes and somewhat scary views of Bing AI. Microsoft uses this feedback to train and refine their tools.

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