Biti’s Revenue is the Lowest in 5 Years Since 2016

Established in the early 80s of the last century, Biti’s started from a small production facility, then became a cooperative named Binh Tien, specializing in the production of rubber sandals with only a few dozen workers.

Biti’s quickly became a prominent name in the late 90s, with sandals or sneakers becoming the desired product of many students, with the biggest advantage being durability. At that time, names like Biti’s, Thuong Dinh or Bita’s were the main players occupying an overwhelming market share of the Vietnamese footwear market.

At the Opening Stage When the Economy is Growing and People’s

The demand for “eating well, wearing durable” has changed to “eating well, dressing well”. Biti’s “durable” advantage gradually Retail Email List disappears. Quality products, but the weakness of Biti’s as well as many other domestic brands is creativity and keeping pace with the general trend.

The appearance of big brands in the world, along with Chinese products with diverse and cheap designs, makes the game at “home” even more difficult. The revenue structure also shifted towards export.

However, unlike the famous Vietnamese brands in the past, Biti’s has found a way back.
When the market thought that Biti’s was settled with the proportion of nearly half of its revenue coming from exports and outsourcing for many big brands such as Skechers, Clarks, this brand suddenly changed.

 Retail Email List

At the End of 2015 Information That Biti Spent Millions

To invest in technology to produce sports shoes began to appear. In 2016, Hunter’s product lines were born, when the Biti’s brand turned 34 years old.

This product has attracte get CMB Directory to attention with its beautiful design and low price in the segment, although it has not really made a big impact, but the company said, it is the starting product for a later comeback.

At the end of 2016, Biti’s suddenly became a phenomenon when building a marketing campaign in cooperation with two young singers, Son Tung M-TP and Soobin Hoang Son.

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