Chatgpt Joins the New Money Burning Race

Bard, Google’s AI chatbot that competes directly with ChatGPT. Has cost the parent company $140 billion in market value even though it hasn’t launche yet.

Alphabet – Google’s parent company has trie to ignore this problem. But another challenge is emerging from its efforts to integrate Generative AI – synthetic AI technology into its search engine: Operating costs.

John Hennessy, the president of Alphabet, also admitte to Reuters that although tweaking will help bring costs down, training AI, also known as a large language model, costs 10 times more than searching. keywords in the usual way.

It Costs Many Times More Than Manual Search

Launche in November 2022, ChatGPT quickly became the favorite destination of millions of questions from users.

After only 2 months since its launch, the number of registere users of ChatGPT. Has reache 100 million, thereby becoming the fastest growing Manufacturing Email List application on a global scale.

But achievement also comes with difficulty. ChatGPT is often overloade because it has to handle a huge amount of work and many users find ways. To circumvent the law, violating the safety terms of the chatbot.

Besides, ChatGPT is still an expensive investment because there are no ads yet. Meanwhile, on average, each OpenAI conversation costs money to operate the hardware. The total number is up to millions of dollars per week, CEO Sam Altman said.

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Therefore to Cover This Cost the Software Company Has Launche

For large AI models, the processing process costs millions of dollars. Not including the costs of paying engineers, said Rowan Curran, an analyst at Forrester Research.

In December 2022, OpenAI CEO Sam get CMB Directory to Altman said on Twitter that ChatGPT’s average cost per query is 1 cent.

Meanwhile, an analysis by Morgan Stanley bank put the figure at 2 cents. This is about 7 times the average cost of a Google search, and it could grow rapidly in the near future.

Morgan Stanley estimates that 3.3 trillion Google search. Queries in 2022 cost about 0.25 cents each. This number will increase further depending on the amount of text the AI ​​has to generate.

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