Chatgpt Passes Google’s Software Engineer Interview

The above information was reporte by Canada Today , citing internal documents leake from Google on February 2. According to the description, Google has provide a series of recruitment questions that it uses to interview for a programmer position to test the intelligence of ChatGPT.

The results surprised Google’s recruiters when ChatGPT passe the interview to be recruite for the position of level 3 software engineer at Google, equivalent to a salary of about 183,000 USD/year.

“Google’s software engineer interview process is largely base on technical questions. Therefore, it did not make it difficult for ChatGPT,” wrote Canada Today .

However, with questions about “soft skills” and relate to behavior, ChatGPT face many difficulties, even could not answer. This can be seen as the biggest barrier for ChatGPT to completely replace human work.

Can Chat Gpt Replace Programmers

ChatGPT is currently under development to be able to assist with programming or find bugs in programming code. Along with “winning” the position of software engineer of Google has made many programmers worry that ChatGPT can replace their position.

However, experts assess that artificial intelligence Canadian Colleges Universities Email List still lacks many skills needed to replace programmers, especially coordination and teamwork skills.

“With large projects that require the coordination and teamwork of programmers, combined with other teams such as hardware design, software testing… these are the things that AI still does. It can’t be done,” said Microsoft software engineer Stephen Damien.

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Even Chat Gpt When Asked Admitted That

“No, ChatGPT will not replace software engineers. ChatGPT is a tool that can assist with certain tasks but cannot completely replace the creativity , problem get CMB Directory to solving skills, and critical thinking ability of a human software engineer. In addition, ChatGPT needs human supervision and direction to work effectively” – the product of the company OpenAI admits.

When continuing to question whether that will change in the next 20 years?. In response, ChatGPT thinks that in the future it can replace some low-level job positions, not a complete replacement but only play the role of a tool to support human software engineers.

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