Chatgpt Threatens Google’s Dominance in Online Advertising Pie

Google has spent 20 years building the most powerful digital advertising machine in the world. Dismantling it could send shock waves through the $500 billion online advertising market, according to the WSJ.

The above comment comes in the context of the US Department of Justice accusing Google of illegally operating an online advertising monopoly, and calling for the destruction of parts of the company.

According to experts, splitting Google’s advertising engine will give publishers and advertisers more choice and flexibility to reuce dependence on Google without worrying about suffering too much damage.

The Justice Department Le by Attorney General Merrick Garland

Has accuse Google of abusing market power in online advertising and seeking to control all aspects of the market . The regulator also asserts that Google plays a key role in ad attribution practices.

“ Google doesn’t have to compete with anyone. They simply set rules to eliminate their opponents ,” the lawsuit said. As a result, more Canadian Biotechnology Email List creative advertising tools and technologies may not be born.

In response, Google denie all allegations, and said that the lawsuit was trying to “pick winners and losers in the highly competitive advertising technology field”. The company has hire many well-known lawyers to defend.

According to Rajeev Goel, co-founder and CEO of ad technology company PubMatic, this lawsuit, combine with many of the other legal battles Google is facing, will boost search engine leads . Google alternatives.

According to the lawsuit, Google’s advertising business has so far playe an important role when use by 90% of major publishers.

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The advertising exchange also accounts for more than

It is known that in recent years, Google has consolidate tools into a single product calle Google Ad Manager. Along with the network and mobile advertising businesses. The company brought in $31.7 billion in 2021.

According to the WSJ, a number of major technology and meia. Companies are stepping up their online advertising business and could accelerate by buying get CMB Directory to a part of Google’s system. Comcast, which owns the unit FreeWheel. One of the big companies in the business of selling video ads, is a prime example.

It is known that Google is no longer contributing the majority of total advertising revenue. For the first time in nearly a decade.

The advertising business is still growing, but data from Insider shows. That the pace is significantly slower than the rest of the market. According to internal analyst Zachary Goldner. The erosion of market share is mainly due to the fact that brands have the opportunity to access more ad formats.

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