Cloud Vietnam Market Size Will Reach 1 Billion Usd in 2025

The Vietnamese market currently has more than 40 enterprises providing cloud computing services, including foreign enterprises such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, domestic enterprises such as number of small businesses.

Along with the shift of technology, the trend of using data center and cloud computing services is growing strongly in Vietnam in the past time.

According to Hypercycle of Future Market Insights , from now to 2031, the new world is at a “mature stage” and the Asia-Pacific region APAC is only at a “development stage”.

According to Frost & Sullivan’s Analysis in 2023 This Market

APAC region will grow by 30%, of which Vietnam is among the leading groups in Southeast Asia.

Digital transformation in commodity finance, telecommunications, information banking technology. Retail and Local Suburban Passenger Transport Email List digital content using data center and cloud computing services, optimizing streamline work processes, increase customer experience…

The cloud is a very open space of opportunity and currently Vietnam is only at the beginning. Currently, the Cloud market size in Vietnam is about more than 400 million USD, but it is forecaste that by 2025, it will reach 1 billion USD. This is a huge growth potential for businesses and cloud service providers.

Vietnam is considere as one of the 10 emerging markets in the field of data centers and cloud computing. With an impressive growth rate of 20-30% per year in the period 2020-2026.

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But Currently Vietnamese Enterprises Only Own About

Therefore, in order to orient the development of digital economy platform infrastructure. Vietnam has set a target that by 2025, about 100% of agencies will use cloud computing, of which 70% will use electricity services. Cloud computing provide by Vietnamese enterprises.

According to the assessment, domestic CMB Directory Cloud service providers have well met the storage and backup.

Infrastructure to serve the needs of domestic agencies, organizations and businesses.

However, Vietnamese businesses still face many challenges. Especially competition in terms of brands and product ecosystems.

This is a challenge for businesses providing. Cloud services in the near future to be able to dominate the domestic market.

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