When You Click On A Competitor’s Store

You will be presented with a graph to inform you about how your competitors are performing. Therefore, you can compare your current position.

By doing so, you will be able to identify the parts of your strategy that need to be changed to maintain or exceed your current position.

And then when you click on a particular competitor’s product, you will see a graph depicting the performance trends and fluctuations as follows:

You can use this information as a basis when you drive insights from your own sales.

Lazada and Shopee algorithms are usually based on the historical data of each user. Therefore, when you search for a certain keyword on the platform and then you see your product on the first page, this does not mean that customers also see your listing on the first page.

One customer can have your product on the first page of the SERP but sometimes it can be on the second.

Track Competitor Products

The same proprietary technology team is in charge of tracking competitors’ products. The difference between store tracking and product tracking is the category.

Competitor stores usually fall into the database same category. Meanwhile, there are also brands whose niche is not the same as yours, but they sell products that are very related to yours.

For example, if you sell dietary supplements and then there’s another brand that sells coffee. This seller is not your direct competitor, but if he sells low-carb coffee or Keto coffee, then that specific coffee could be a competitor to your dietary supplement product aimed at weight loss.

By tracking your competitors’ products, you will be able to identify brands with whom you should compare yourself in terms of sales performance.

At the same time, you can also learn from this competition and it will help you make more informed decisions in the future.

Competitor Product Tracking Tutorial


Under Competitor Intelligence, Click on Lazada Competitor Products, or Shopee Competitor products, whichever applies.

Copy and paste the URL of the product you want to track and click Start Tracking.

Give the team an hour or two to process the information, after which your competitor’s product will be liste under Competitor Products Being Tracke.

From this dashboard, you will get an overview CMB Directory of the following information for your competitors’ listed products.

Therefore, it is not a reliable number if you are using your search ranking to measure your potential ROI.

Our search rank tracking feature provides you with raw and accurate search rankings of your products based on your target keywords.

That way, you know your true position in the market and will be in a much better place to achieve better goals, business-wise.

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