Ultimate Guide For New Dragon Split Users

For automation to work, users must have a good understanding of the features that make up the software they use. Accordingly, we created this easy-to-understand guide to help new Split Dragon users understand Split Dragon’s basic functions and how to use them.

Split Dragon is a software that specializes in providing Lazada and Shopee sellers with the tools they need to create automated processes for SEO (search engine optimization) and CRO (conversion rate optimization) activities.

Benefits for Lazada and Shopee Sellers

Simply put, using Split Dragon gives you the following benefits:

Better time allocation for more important business priorities
Say for example you track your search rankings or keep an eye on your competitors. This is a task that you can do yourself but will take a lot of time and energy. This is because to get the actual search ranking, you have to manually search for the target keywords on Lazada/Shopee. You should also do the same to find out your competitors, combing every search page. You may need an additional two or three hours each day trying to monitor your search rankings whereas, with Split Dragon, you won’t waste time as your SEO / CRO process will be whatsapp mobile number list automate.

This means you’ll have more free time to concentrate on your brand’s core operations.

Faster Implementation Strategy
Split Dragon has strategies for market SEO and CRO that are automated for ease of use on the part of sellers. Hence, you can implement this process immediately.

For example, if you want to track the performance of your competitors, you just need to provide the competitor’s store URL, then Split Dragon will notify you whenever there is a change in the store or in a particular product. You will be notified by email.

This will be an ongoing process and you will be able to constantly monitor your competition while focusing on your regular operations.

You will be able to track what is working and what is not

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Split Dragon includes an AB Testing feature that lets you automate tests of two or more variations of a title, product description, image, or price.

Similar to all other software features, this will also be automatic. You will receive a notification when the test results are ready.

The results will still be stored in your account so you know who won and who lost.

Protection froUltimate Guide For New Dragon Split Usersm fake sellers
One of our main features, the IP Protection CMB Directory tool, will help you identify sellers selling the same products as you. So, if you are a brand, you will be able to identify the brands that you have authorized as a retailer.

For those who are fake sellers, Split Dragon will provide a template that you can use to send to sellers informing them of intellectual property infringement.

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