E-commerce Giant Amazon Lays Off 9,000 Employees

The decision was poste by CEO Andy Jassy on the company’s website on the first working day of the week. Accordingly, the company will lay off employees in the departments of cloud computing, human resources, advertising and Twitch livestream service.

“This has been a difficult decision, but we think is best for the company in the long term,” Jassy wrote.

According to the Amazon CEO, the new round of layoffs is the next stage in the company’s plan to streamline the company’s apparatus after a period of massive recruitment in previous years. In January, the e- commerce giant also complete the process of laying off 18,000 employees.

This Process is Divide Into Several Stages According

because departments nee time to perform analysis. Rather than rush to decide. Some teams within the company haven’t even considere which Mailing Lists By Zipcodes Email List positions will be laid off. Therefore, the new round of layoffs will take several weeks, expecte to be complete by the end of April.

According to Reuters, Amazon has laid off 27,000 people, accounting for 9% of the company’s 300,000 main employees.

The new cut even affects advertising and cloud computing, which are highly profitable and once considere untouchable. According to CNBC, Amazon’s global workforce once reache more than 1.6 million people, including seasonal workers, by the end of 2021, doubling compare to the same period in 2019.

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Given the Uncertain Economic Situation for the Foreseeable Future

We chose to be more streamline in terms of costs and headcount Jassy adde.

He said that streamlining the system helps the company. To invest more heavily in customer experiences as well as improve the lives of CMB Directory users and teams. He also affirme that he is “optimistic about the future and the opportunities” that Amazon has, including in the most important areas of retail and AWS.

Last week, another Big Tech, Meta, also conducte a second round of layoffs, with 10,000 people being laid off, after 11,000 layoffs at the end of last year.

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