Facebook News Feed Has a Strange Error Globally

On the forums, many users report that they suddenly see random posts by other accounts, posted on pages they follow. Some unexpected pages appeared such as Ronaldo’s fan page, Blackpink, Linus Tech Tip, Fabrizio Romano.

The problem is not only present in Vietnam. On Down Detector, the number of error reports for Facebook’s message board issue also spiked from 13:00 on August 24 with nearly 3,000 times.

Most users reported that they had problems in the News Feed of the mobile app, seeing strange posts from other accounts.

The Posts on the Henry Cavill Site Suddenly Appear

I’m going crazy said user Justin. Some other users say that they only see posts by Nicki Minaj or Logan Paul on their Facebook.

Mashable says the condition is seen in Industry Email List many mobile users. Meanwhile, Facebook on the web recorded fewer issues, but still users encountere errors on multiple platforms.

According to The Verge after the issue surfaced on Facebook, many users took the opportunity to post memes (jokes) on the pages of celebrities. This causes new posts to pop up all the time, filling up the feeds of accounts with errors.

Industry Email List

Despite Thousands of Error Reports Around the World

Facebook’s status page is still showing stable. Meta, Facebook’s parent company, has yet to make any announcements about the situation many users are experiencing.

Recently, many problems have continuously appeare with the largest social network on the planet . Several large pages, with millions CMB Directory of followers, verified by the platform vandalizd, renamd.

The problem appeared for nearly a year, many famous people, community pages with green ticks became victims of vandalism. However, the vulnerability is still not handled by Meta (Facebook’s parent company).

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