F&b Market Vietnam Has More Than 300,000 Restaurants and Cafes

According to the report “Culinary business in Vietnam in 2022” conducted by iPos.vn, VIRAC and the Vietnam F&B Market Community , our country currently has nearly 338,600 restaurants and cafes.

City. Ho Chi Minh City is the province that owns the most restaurants, accounting for 39.78% of the total nationwide, nearly 3 times higher than Hanoi. The revenue scale of Vietnam’s F&B industry in 2022 is estimate at nearly VND 610,000 billion.

Of the Nearly 3,000 Restaurants and Cafes Surveye

However, 82.8% of F&B businesses have starte digital transformation, and applieit in sales and inventory management, raw materials, etc.

With nearly 4,000 survey participants Nondepository Credit Institutions Email List the two most important criteria when choosing a restaurant/drink are: good food/drink and price.

The budget “go to coffee” of Vietnamese people ranges from VND. On special occasions, this dining budget can increase to about 500,000 VND person.

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Diners Kept Their Spending Unchange Even Increasing Their

This shows that, although the economy in 2023 is forecaste to have many difficulties, diners share adults still want to spend a lot of money on culinary experiences.

After 2 years of the pandemic, the F&B industry get CMB Directory to has had many changes. The demand for this industry has recovere strongly after the gap period, the market value (Market Cap) in 2023 is expecte to increase by 18% compare to 2022, reaching VND 720,000.

After an impressive recovery and growth, the F&B industry will continue to grow at a stable rate and is expecte to reach a value of VND 938,300 billion by 2026.

Vu Thanh Hung – General Director of iPOS.vn Joint Stock Company share: β€œIn 2022, many businesses have made great changes in terms of business thinking, optimizing operating systems and enhancing experience. for diners. The F&B market has also gradually recovere, and has made extremely positive changes.”

2023 is likely to become a battle for market share among large chains as retail investors are cautious. Accordingly, the fourth quarter of 2022 witnesse the slowdown of the F&B industry compare to the same period many years ago.

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