Fintech Momo is 1 in Terms of Discussion on Social Media

The Fintech Industry Ranking in 2022 was recorded by Reputa – a social listening platform ( Social Listening with more than 1.6 million discussions related to this field in Vietnam (data collected by Reputa system.

In which, electronic payment is the most discusse industry group with nearly 1.1 million discussions, more than 3 times the number of discussions about digital banking (nearly 350,000 times).

The most active discussion group is in the age group of 25 – 34 years old, accounting for 60%. This is also the generation that uses fintech applications the most.

According to Reputa’s Report Momo Currently Ranks

In the ranking of electronic payment companies by popularity on social networks, with the highest total score.

The number of points that MoMo has is nearly 4 times higher than that of the second ranked unit – Shopee Pay. In third place is VNPay followe by VTC Pay and Viettel Money respectively.

This result shows that social Restaurant Email List networking is really a fierce “race” with fintechs in Vietnam. Serious investment in social media activities helps fintechs improve their reputation and business efficiency.

Mr. Nguyen Ba Diep Co-founder of MoMo shared: “On social networks, a brand is like a person, has a voice, has a community, and has its own image.

By interacting, chatting, brands and users gradually become friends. The trust and love of users is also gradually formed according to the communication process of the brand.

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Besides The Ranking Also Analyzes The Factors Users

Care about when using fintech products. Reputa’s report claims that more than 97% of users are satisfied with the payment experience.

In addition, questions and answers CMB Directory about the flow of experiences, attractive promotions or advice. Fast and enthusiastic support are also factors that are of top interest to users.

In particular, in the factors users care about when using. Users of fintech products are often more interested in promotional activities from KOLs and events, accounting for more than 66% of the interest.

Meanwhile, security errors are a factor that users. Care about in the customer care experience, accounting for 80.85% of the discussion.

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