Gmail Crashes Again in Many Countries

On the morning of December 16 (Vietnam time), the Gmail application encountered an error with many users in Japan and the US.

On the Internet error reporting service DownDetector, the number of error reports for Gmail spiked around 5 am. In addition to Gmail, many users also report the error of not being able to search with Google.

According to Down Detector’s Map the Bug Reports Are Mainly

Japan and Australia, and scattered in some European countries.

In response to The Verge , Google confirme that a large. number of Gmail users reporte receiving error messages, high latency and some Rich People Phone Number List other confusing errors when using this service. The company also said the problem has been fixed, and is investigating the cause.

ProtonMail, an email service known for its security, said that this problem is more serious than what Google suffered earlier in the week, when many of their services had problems.

“Our observations show that compared to the previous incident. Many emails sent to Gmail were permanently lost this time. If you are affected, please resend those emails,” the service wrote on its Twitter account.

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In Addition to Gmail Google’s Stadia Cloud Gaming Service

Was also experiencing problems at the same time, but it is not clear if they are relate. Google says the issue with Stadia was fixed earlier.

This is the second time in a week that Google services have had problems. On the evening of December 14, a series of Google services such as Gmail, Drive, YouTube were interrupted for a few hours.

At that time, many users reporte that they could not watch videos on YouTube. When clicking on the application, the user will CMB Directory notice the message “There was a problem with the server”. Google’s office apps also don’t work, causing trouble for many people.

“It’s almost time to send files to customers but Google Docs has an error. What to do now”, Khanh Vy, an office worker in Ho Chi Minh City, lamented at nearly 19:00.

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