How to Catch Customers During Shopping Moments

Shoppers are waiting for major sales festivals to shop for the things they want at the best prices as well as consider using new brands.

55% of APAC shoppers won’t shop for gifts until they’re on sale (according to Google).
75% of APAC shoppers seek to use new brands instead of familiar brands (According to Google).
Consumers are using search engines to make purchasing decisions.

Consumers come to search engines to find more information and confirm their purchasing decisions. They see it as a way to get them to make the right purchase.

Consumers Say That They Search and Research Before Making

A buying decision so they feel more confident about what they’re about to buy.
Google’s search engine has become one of those ‘touch points’ in their research journey.
How brands can ‘meet’ customers when they need them most.

Get answers when people are searching : Shoppers don’t always have the product or service they want in mind when they search. More and more Chinese Europe Phone Number List people are searching and buying new products in completely new categories. Responsive Search Advertising (RSA) can allow you to deliver personalized ads to be more relevant to each individual shopper.

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Make Your Brand Discoverable Online Customers Are Expecting

To shop through different platforms to meet their needs, so brands need to be visible as much as possible on the internet. where CMB Directory they are looking. Use Image Extensions to optimize your message alongside your existing text ads. According to Google, advertisers can get up to 10% more clicks when.

With automation tools, you can reach customers searching for your products and connect with them through dynamic ads. You can expand keyword matching to broad match with smart bidding to show the exact moment your customers need it. According to Google, advertisers who can use the RSA strategy in tandem with broad match and smart bids can see a 20% increase in conversion rates.

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