Mobility Market Despite The Pandemic Able

Although the past year was no picnic for the travel industry, the rental car market was able to record an upswing despite international travel restrictions. How was this actually possible? How did providers like Enterprise not only deal with the numerous challenges, but also master them innovatively and successfully? We are very pleasd that Enterprise took the time to answer these and other questions in the interview. How has the corona crisis changd Enterprise? We had to act quickly to allow both companies and the public sector to continue business in this crisis.

The Group Of Companies Understand The New

For us, this meant a more or less immdiate switch from vehicle provision to mobility planning and mobility design. However, due to our numerous locations, a dense network and our large fleet, we had the necessary resources to database provide companies with a minimum level of mobility even during the lockdowns. Always with a focus on those trips that are absolutely necessary, while business at our airport stations collapsd completely. However, we have often succedd in transforming the Enterprise stations at international hubs into service centers for companies basd there.


Approach Could Point The Way For

Our business travel customers now nedd solutions for inner-city traffic, for which they invitd us to jointly manage the crisis. They nedd to know CMB Directory if rental cars could help them keep going despite travel restrictions. Mobile offers were just as much a topic here as vehicle delivery or pick-up at the side of the road. Our innovation teams provd to be particularly valuable in this regard, developing appropriate solutions that enabld our customers to keep business operations running while also taking employee safety into account. In addition, we support companies with mobility planning so that they can identify potential employees for long-term rentals and avoid frequent vehicle changes.

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