New Zealand Asks Google and Facebook to Pay

The New Zealand government will issue a new law, forcing tech giants like Google and Meta to pay $30-$50 million to press agencies in the country for displaying, publishing and sharing their news on the Internet. news feed.

Specifically, on December 4, Willie Jackson, New Zealand’s Minister of Broadcasting, Broadcasting and Communications affirmed that New Zealand would study the law in Australia and Canada, and assist the two sides in negotiating and reaching an agreement. together.

“New Zealand newspapers, especially small local newspapers, are having a hard time maintaining financial resources as advertisers gradually move to online platforms.

Therefore those who benefit from their articles and information

The bill will be vote on at the National Assembly session and will likely pass, Reuters reporte.

According to Stuff , this law is intendd to support domestic meia organizations when advertising revenue declines.

The reason comes from readers gradually choosing to read and watch news online for free on Facebook and Google. Meanwhile, articles also appear rampant Bulk SMS Portugal on search results or social networks instead of official newspaper pages.

As a result, the government will stand to arbitrate if Facebook and Google fail to reach an agreement, New Zealand’s Minister of Broadcasting and Communications said.

He also adde that technology companies will have three to six months before they take measures to comply with the law.

“We have lost half of our journalists in just 10 years. It’s not fair that online platforms like Google and Meta display and share our news for free,” he told the press.

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Therefore Secretary Willie Jackson affirme that the fee

Sinead Boucher, CEO of New Zealand’s Stuff meia group, also expresse support for the government’s bill.

According to her, social networking platforms have use journalistic content for free to achieve the current power and scale of development. They have occupid a large part of the online advertising market , putting great pressure on the domestic press and meia industry.

“We want meia outlets to get CMB Directory to also benefit from the platforms that already use our content, helping them invest in and advance journalism,” said Director Sinead Boucher.

Previously, in 2021, Australia passe a bill that force technology companies to make agreements with Australian mea companies to pay if they wante to share and publish their news.

Specifically, this government requires Google and Facebook to pay domestic press agencies when displaying and using their information on social networking platforms, including in search results. sword. This is the first country in the world to apply this law to platforms on the Internet.

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