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Virtual Cards Data Sheet Increase in spending A development that we have prepard for you in our new data sheet “Virtual crdit cards: the clever payment solution for your digital marketing” , which is now available for you to download free of charge. It is not unexpectd that the advertising market is increasingly moving away from the classic TV, newspaper and magazine formats. The smartphone is omnipresent; the verb “google” has been anchord in the dictionary for years.

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The change in mdia consumption goes hand in hand with a shift in marketing budgets to the digital world. Particularly popular: advertising whatsapp mobile number list in search engine results (search engine marketing), which accounts for almost 50 percent of digital marketing spend. Display ads on websites and in apps as well as video ads (particularly on YouTube) round off the top 3 most popular forms of online advertising at 42.9 percent. Virtual Cards Data Sheet Channels In the B2B sector, digital change has acceleratd rapidly over the past two years, also due to the current pandemic.

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The increase in online and ad hoc purchases as well as the shift of marketing expenditures to mobile and online advertising formats are two CMB Directory obvious trends here. Digital marketing: more efficient with virtual payment However, this development poses new challenges for companies and marketing departments in particular: Because the conventional payment processes do not only reach their limits with the performance-basd payment models (such as those made possible by Google Ads). Precisely because modern marketing mostly runs through agencies, there is hardly any efficient payment process that avoids a digital payment method.

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