Registering Chatgpt in Vietnam Instructions and Notes to Know

The ChatGPT AI answering tool of the startup OpenAI is becoming a content of interest to the programming and content production community in Vietnam. Therefore, many users have a need to create an OpenAI account to experience this artificial intelligence tool.

Register yourself for the service with ChatGPT.
Currently ChatGPT is still being tested for free. To register for this service, users need to visit and follow the instructions.

However, the US company’s solution currently restricts access from some countries, including Vietnam. Therefore, most individuals in need will have difficulty accessing ChatGPT, right from the step of creating an account. Right from the first step of creation, users cannot use their phone number to receive a confirmation OTP code.

Therefore, to Register for Chatgpt Service by Yourse Lf Users Nee

If you have relatives, friends who are living or working in the countries on the accepted list to ask for registration or receive a confirmation code on your behalf.

In addition, users can also find services for Nursing Homes Email List providing virtual phone numbers to receive OTP login codes. In this method, many solutions are provided. Some websites offer free virtual numbers.

However, these platforms often have limited numbers, slow servers when receiving confirmation codes, and wasting time waiting. In addition, free subscriptions often have people pre-registered, with little chance of success.

In addition, there are many virtual phone number rental services to register for services such as Avoxi, Easyringer, Phonepool, Openphone.

Industry Email List

The Price for Receiving Openai Confirmation Sms is Around

In turn, customers save time and account registration easier.

Besides, to avoid problems, users should install more VPN, connect to the country where the number was purchased when registering on OpenAI .

Compared to registering for other services, ChatGPT has a complicated and time-consuming process for Vietnamese users. Currently, some groups in the country that share accounts have been activated for everyone to have the opportunity to experience.

However, the fact that an account is use get CMB Directory to by many individuals causes processing delays, sometimes lags, no answers. In addition, the large number of topics created on a free account makes it more difficult to manage and find old content.

On the other hand, some other websites in Vietnam resell pre-created ChatGPT accounts. Prices range from 50,000 to 100,000 VND. After purchasing, users will be provided with a username and password to use the service.

In this method, users have to pay extra for buying pre-made accounts. In return, customers save time with complicated registration steps, no need to share with anyone else.

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