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You nee to connect with other people. This helps you feel better,” says Kimberlee Perry.

Prior to Covid-19, Kimberlee’s company never intende to conduct online shows. The biggest purpose of springboarding classes is to bring people together directly, especially mothers, who feel lost in unfamiliar towns.

That’s what inspire Kimberlee, 35, of Australian descent, to found Bounce six years ago.

In 2014 During Pregnancy Kimberlee and Her Husband

Travele nearly 50 kilometers out of London and move to the town of Harlow, Essex. She later suffere from postpartum depression due to being too lonely.

“My whole life is spent in sports and Advertising Marketing Agencies Email List using sport to connect with people,” she said. “That is the sports culture in Australia. So when I move to London at the age of 18, I joine the netball club to make friends.”

‘When I move back to Harlow, I felt so lost. I hardly know anyone and the only club I can join is the mother and baby club she said.

Exercise has a positive effect on a new mother’s mind and body. But in reality, Kimberlee couldn’t find any fitness courses that would allow her to bring her babies. So she decide to set up such a place herself, by investing 200 pounds (GBP) to found Bounce that year.

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I Want To Feel Good About Myself As A New Mom

You spend hours, most of the day and night alone. So Bounce was going to be a combination of everything I nee in my life at the time – fitness, connection and fun.”

Before the Covid-19 pandemic hit, the CMB Directory company grew and had 47,000 monthly customers – mostly women – across the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Another factor that spurre Kimberlee to start Bounce was the promotion she misse at her previous job, a sales manager in the events industry.

“Developing my career was one of my top priorities,” she recalls. “Existing in the events industry is tough – you have to work 24 7 – and I think it was my pregnancy that contribute to my decision not to get the promotion.”

“I am extremely depresse. I spent a few days crying in be, trying to figure out who I would be without this job.

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