Technology Trends That Will Shape 2023

2023 promises to be busier with smart home devices, AI tools, but also faces many difficulties such as regulations banning account sharing and US-China trade tensions affecting the public sector. turmeric…

Virtual reality exploded.
In the last 2 years, virtual reality (VR) and augmente reality (AR) are the most prominent keywords. By 2023, the VR / AR product market will continue to become more vibrant with many new brands, instead of just Meta currently monopolizing the market share as before. Specifically, in January, HTC will announce the first set of VR headsets, similar to Meta’s Quest Pro.

The upcoming VR  AR market also welcomes the participation of American technology giant Apple. A series of reports from industry experts indicate that Apple’s mixe Computer Programming Software Email List reality headset will be released by the end of the year. The device will have iris sensor technology and 14 cameras to recreate the user’s entire body in the metaverse, Bloomberg reported.As for

Meta the brand that currently monopolizes

The company also plans to add full limbs for avatars in 2023, and at the same time launch the next generation of Meta Quest.

Besides, the iPhone will have major changes in the next year. This will probably be the beginning of Apple’s plan to kill off the traditional Lightning port and switch to using USB-C. The move comes as the European Union forces electronics manufacturers to equip their products with the USB-C standard from the fall of 2024.

Not only that, the US technology group also allows the installation of 3rd party applications on iPhone and iPad without going through the App Store in order to comply with the new EU competition law. However, it is not clear whether this change will only appear on products sold in the European region or be applie globally.

Industry Email List

The Wall Street Journal also preicts that 2023 will be a boom

AI will be ingraind in our commonly use tools. For example, Microsoft plans to integrate Dall-E 2 into its Bing search engine and products.

The meta is also vague about the Make-A-Video project, which has the ability to make videos from paragraphs. Meanwhile, Google is developing its own get CMB Directory to AI chatbot to compete with ChatGPT this year.

However, this explosion will reveal the biggest weakness of AI. Despite performing the same tasks as humans, AI tools can make mistakes and biases due to the original data sets it’s learning from. Therefore, researchers nee to find ways to expand the source dataset to improve AI quality.

The demise of big tech names.
However, according to the Wall Street Journal , 2022 is a difficult year for technology corporations when the global economy falls into a period of crisis, continuously plunging. There are layoffs everywhere in the tech world.

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