The Social Network Benefits When

Mastodon social network was born in 2016 but is quite anonymous. However, a large number of users are leaving to come to this social network.

Shortly after elon musk acquird, the billionaire laid off half of the staff, changed the features, and will most likely redirect content management, increasing hate content.

Currently, there is no platform that can replace however, mastodon rose to prominence thanks to its rather like interface, with short updates showing over time rather than algorithmically.

It Uses Servers Operated by Different Groups and Individuals

Unlike other social networks, mastodon is free to join and has no ads. It was developed by a non-profit organization of eugen rochko and funded by crowdfunding.

In a mid-week interview, rochko revealed Fax Lists that mastodon has added 230,000 new users since october 27, the day musk took over.

They currently have 655,000 active users per month, which is nowhere near 238 million daily active users.

Fax Lists

The Founder Rochko Himself is Aware of This Ut This is the Biggest

Mastodon participants include users with large followings, such as comedian kathy griffin or journalist molly jong-fast.

Professor sarah t. Roberts at ucla started CMB Directory using mastodon on october 30, despite opening an account a year ago. Roberts worked at earlier this year.

She said she used mastodon due to concerns about content governance at will change under musk’s reign. According to her users may switch to mastodon due to the proximity in terms of user experience. A lot of features or the mastodon layout is similar to.

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