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One-third of respondents to a HubSpot survey said that, for marketing, short-form video is currently the most effective format with the top ROI. According to the survey, 90% of marketers are using short-form video for marketing activities and this number will continue to increase next year.

Besides, 21% of marketers plan to experiment with short-form video in 2023, which is also the highest compare to other trends.

According to the general trend of the world, short-form videos are expecte to continue to “storm” the creative advertising industry in Vietnam.

The ROI of influencer marketing will continue to rise

The report’s data shows that more than a quarter of marketers are using influencer marketing (celebrity marketing service) and this is also a form of ROI (the ratio of profit earne to cost). investment) is second to other marketing activities.

HubSpot also suggests that marketers can Fitness Spa Clubs Email List combine influencer marketing with short-form videos to get the best ROI.

According to HubSpot, influencer marketing will see significant growth in 2023 with 17% of marketers planning to start investing in this form.

For 89% of marketers who are using influencer marketing, they will increase their budget or maintain their investment in this activity over the next year.

In addition, another HubSpot survey of consumer trends found that 33% of Gen Z purchase products base on an influencer recommendation in the past three months.

When it comes to purchasing decisions, they say, influencer recommendations are more influential than comments from friends and family.

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Social meia DM tactics are being widely applie

According to the survey, 29% of marketers are using DM (direct message) on social networks to take care of customers, although this service is relatively new.

Furthermore, 87% of marketers said they would continue to invest in DM to improve customer experience. This is the marketing activity that brings the third highest ROI, after short-form video and influencer marketing.

In addition, the survey on consumer trends also shows that more than one-fifth of Gen Z and nearly 25% of millennials (Gen Y) have directly contactd brands on social meia. receive customer service for the past three months.

As social networks like Instagram, Twitter get CMB Directory to and Facebook increasingly focus on developing their e-commerce business, providing customer service through DM will become more important and urgent.

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