Tiktok Raises Concern Because of New Ai Beauty Filter

Bold glamor, the viral ai filter on the social network tiktok , has users both excited and concerned about its ability to work in real time.

Tiktok raises concern because of ai beauty filter
On tiktok, filter is a commonly used feature, helping users be more satisfied with themselves in the video, such as “Squeezing” the face, smoothing the skin, pulling the legs. However, their disadvantage is that when changing the angle of view or being obscured by an object, the effect will lose its effect in an instant, causing the subject to “Show its original form”.

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Meanwhile, tiktok ‘s bold glamor overcomes this problem when using machine learning technology for real-time recognition and almost no delay in creating contouring effects for jawline and cheekbones, whitening. Tooth…

The filter quickly went viral when used in more than 6 million videos Automotive Dealers and Gasoline Service Email List after 10 days of its appearance. Users intentionally made expressions, covered their faces with their hands, but bold glamor still recognized well. Many viewers were also surprised because it was difficult to distinguish which was the edited face.

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However, some also questioned the impact of the filter on tiktok. “it’s scary, because there are so many girls and boys out there who don’t realize other people use filters.

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“my insecurities are about to skyrocket. My confidence is aboufighting for get CMB Directory to market share t to drop,” commented meghan lane, a tiktok account with nearly 600,000 followers.

Some argue that filters should be banned. “this filter should not be allowed to exist. I tried it and just said: shocking,” said keify bankhead, an influencer on the twitch platform.
“this is really a big deal. Can’t call it a filter anymore,” said content creator rosaura alvarez.to the subject’s face composition.

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