Tiktok What’s Next 2023 Key Trends Marketers Should Refer to

During the past 12 months of 2022, the global TikTok community has reimagined entertainment activities. Together, they shared personal stories, authentic stories that not only helped bring them together, but also helped others discover new ways of thinking and thinking.

Brands of all sizes across the globe – from automakers to retail businesses – create different types of content to engage their communities on TikTok .

Aiming to give marketers more opportunities to understand consumer needs in the new year 2023, TikTok has just launched TikTok What’s Next 2023, the report highlights a series of trends that will thrive on the platform. communication.

Sofia Hernandez TikTok ‘s Director of Global Business Marketing said

“2022 is the year when most people have realized that they don’t have to live their lives the way they think and do – with what has happened, they understand that things need to change.

Next year, we believe communities will be Laboratories Email List more optimistic, people will find new ways to be successful, happy and balanced, and with TikTok we will provide the tools needed to they can do it.”

Based on various studies on consumer behavior on the platform, TikTok predicts there will be 3 main trends in the new year 2023.

Actionable Entertainment.
Create more space for fun.
Community building is key.
Below are the details.

Industry Email List

On TikTok effective content is content that is entertaining

This means that when promotional messages are less promotional and more entertaining, brands have more chances to succeed.

In the US, cosmetic brand elf Cosmetics has harnessed the power of the actionable entertainment factor (Actionable Entertainment) and attracted the attention of the community with ads that bring a sense of fun and attractiveness. and naturally with the TikTok community.

Through partnering with an Agency, elf Cosmetics effectively doubled the monthly advertising spend, and reduced the cost of getting an order by up to 56%.

For other brands in general, the most get CMB Directory to effective messages on TikTok are those that are humorous, inspirational, lift people’s spirits, and are personalized to each target group . different.

Brands can build this entertainment value by using editing techniques such as synchronizing the audio with transitions or adding text overlays to the video. This is very effective in grabbing the viewer’s attention.

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