Top 5 Technology and Brand Trends 2023

With what’s going on, even if you’re not a tech person, it’s easy to see that emerging technologies are empowering people more, with unprecente results. here, whether with businesses or individual users.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is allowing people to express their natural creativity , Web3 offers new opportunities to help shape the brands they love and the tokens they love. could soon give users full control over their personal data.

In this context, business leaders must ask themselves: how will customers interact with the brand? Or how will the brand use new technologies to build trust and grow their business?

People-centric and inspirational capital, base on how people are adapting to their new lives, or how people use technology to meet ever-changing nees, analytical report from the Fjord of Accenture was born.

Here Are Five Trends Analyze in the Report

TREND 1: The world is in a state of permanent crisis but we will soon adapt.
The world is suffering from successive Transportation Email List waves of hardship. From pandemics, inflation, climate change to economic crises , challenges are coming from all directions.

How people adapt will directly affect what they shop for, how they perceive and value brands, and more.

In the face of a cost-of-living crisis, people are canceling packages at the gym, suspending pension contributions or giving up other health-protection priorities such as insurance.

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However as Has Been the Case for Millennia Humans

When people experience and endure so much instability, naturally, people soon become a new version of themselves. Products and services will therefore be reefine by their choices.

TREND 2: Community building will be the foundation for brands.
In an uncertain world, people will CMB Directory seek out places where they feel they belong. Therefore, new generation brands will be built in the form of communities, marketers nee to reshape so-calle customer loyalty as well as how brands will interact with their customers.

This model will be enable by several key factors such as: community (where users feel part), content experience and digital collection.

However, as a consumer or customer, the important thing that brands nee to focus on in the end is not the technology but the benefits that technology can bring.

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