Twitter Offers Many Advertising Promotions

The Financial Times reports that Elon Musk’s Twitter is providing brands with generous incentives to advertise on this social networking platform.

This is a move to “stimulate” business activities after billionaire Elon Musk’s approach to content moderation has led many big brands to limit spending.

In an email sent to advertising companies, Twitter said it will launch “the biggest advertiser promotion ever” in December, bringing in more impressions if brands spend a certain amount.

According to the email, advertisers who spend $350,000 will receive “50 percent value added” — meaning they receive additional impressions worth half of what they spend. An investment of $200,000 will provide advertisers with “25% added value” or additional impressions worth a quarter of what they spend.

Another email sent to a separate Agency for example

Contains the same offer for US brands, as well as slightly different offers for brands in the UK and the rest of the world.

The push to attract advertisers comes as Musk Bulk SMS France who closed a $44 billion deal for the social media platform in October, has increasingly alienated brands and advertising companies from Twitter.

He relaxed Twitter’s content moderation policies, rescinded the suspension of accounts that broke the rules, and laid off more than half of its workforce, including many ad sales teams.

Brands including Mondelez, Carlsberg, United Airlines and General Motors have stopped advertising on the platform, while agencies including Omnicom Media and Interpublic Group have advised their customers to pause spending. All of that has dealt a blow to Twitter’s $5 billion business.

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Right now Musk is struggling with an annual interest payment

According to the email, Twitter’s offers will last through December, inviting brands and agencies to speak by phone to discuss “timely” scenarios.
Musk, who describes himself as a “liberalist,” is allowing get CMB Directory to all speech on the platform as long as it’s legal, though “negative speech or hate speech” won’t. enhanced in the user’s feed.

The company no longer enforces its policy of banning misinformation about Covid-19, although in a blog post on Wednesday the company said none of its policies have changed and that the trust and safety team remains “strong and well-resourced”.

Tensions between Musk and advertisers escalated when the billionaire businessman personally called executives who had cut spending to scold them.

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