What is Affiliate Marketing How to Do Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a concept that describes a method of doing Marketing (or rather selling) in which businesses through intermediaries can promote the distribution and sale of products or services. theirs to the customer.

With affiliate marketing, the intermediary partners (also known as Publishers) can be individuals using their own communication platforms or channels, or they can also be businesses with their own platforms. .

The cooperation process is very simple, when a certain business opens affiliate programs (Affiliate Programs), partners can register and start receiving a so-called affiliate (Link), this is exactly is a tool for businesses and partners to measure the effectiveness of (sales) after content is distributed.

The amount that partners have is called Commission

While the goal of Affiliate Marketing is usually sales, in some cases the result of these activities is leads, traffic to the business’ website opening the program, profits. download apps and more.

As noted by MarketingTrips, the term affiliate marketing began to enter the Vietnamese market and thrived since 2014.

What is link?
In order for you to better understand the concept of Affiliate Marketing, you also need to understand the term Affiliate.

According to the Cambridge dictionary , Affiliate Barber and Hair Salon Email List is a concept that describes a way of cooperation between parties (at least from two sides), in which one entity has a close relationship with another party (usually a large one). more) or a (small) unit that is part of a certain (large) organization.

What is marketing?
Just like any other form of Marketing or Marketing like Content Marketing or Performance Marketing , the essence of Affiliate Marketing is still Marketing.

Industry Email List

From the perspective of MarketingTrips Marketing is the activity

This concept has included many processes of Marketing activities such as: market research to find out the real needs of customers ( insight ), product research, price research, distribution and all including promotional activities ( advertising , PR, promotion, direct marketing, personal selling).

To get a deeper understanding of the Marketing industry, you can check out what is marketing

How does affiliate marketing or how does Affiliate Marketing work?
As mentioned at the beginning of the get CMB Directory to article, affiliate marketing is quite simple. Affiliate marketing operates under a closed model (circle) in which there are two main connectors, the business (the unit that opens the affiliate program) and the intermediary partners (the program registration).

Once the registration is complete (usually free), the partners (Publisher) will receive an affiliate link, which is unique to each partner, then Publisher will initiate referrals. (advertisement, distribution…) link to all the places they can like personal blog, social media account or any other channel.

The destination of these links are platforms where the clicker (customer) can perform actions such as making a purchase, signing up for a consultation or downloading an app.

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