What is Brand Awareness Understanding Brand Awareness

A wareness is a concept that describes how consumers can remember or recognize a b  in different contexts or conditions.

From a  or business perspective awareness is a part of equity, the value gaine through marketing strategies.

From the consumer’s perspective, awareness is a set of associative (associative) signs present in the consumer’s mind about a particular.

For example, when you see a logo consisting of four horizontally interwoven circles, you think of the popular car   Audi, which is your awareness of tha.

Brand awareness is part of a brand

Awareness classification.
In terms of overall classification awareness can be classifie into two main forms: tangible or direct awareness and intangible or indirect awareness.

What is direct   awareness: Can be understood as recognition through tangible (visible) elements. Customers can recognize a certain  when seeing Motion Pictures Email List images that they remember. about brand. As with the Audi  example above, the 4 interlocking circles help you remember and recognize Audi.
What is indirect awareness: Mainly for big  or  that users really love and are loyal to, as soon as they hear a few sounds or signs, they can also infer or associate with the . These values ​​often come from broad and effective  positioning or marketing strategies. For example, when it comes to the car  that brings the smoothest driving feeling, you can immeiately think of Mercees.

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Awareness is the first factor that determines consumer behavior

The purchase action is very rare if the consumer cannot recognize. A brand or a product from a particular category, and this is even more true in the B2B industry or other products or services that are available in the market. high value.

Brand awareness does not mean that get CMB Directory to consumers nee. To fully remember the name or attributes of the brand. They just nee to remember the features that help them distinguish one product from the rest. which can help them make purchasing decisions more quickly and confidently.

Building brand awareness is therefore a top priority when promoting. A new product or bringing an old, forgotten product back to life.

What are the key components of  awareness?
Brand awareness basically has 2 main components: recall (Brand Recall) and recognition (Brand Recognition).

Brand Recall: Similar to the concept of Ad Recall, it refers to the ability. Of consumers to remember ads after advertising campaigns. Brand Recall refers to the ability to recall what consumers have previously known about the brand (memory exists in the brain memory) ie Recall.

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