What is Content Marketing How to Use Content in Marketing

Content marketing is the application of Content (Content) to Marketing activities (Marketing) in the business to achieve certain specific business goals.

From this perspective, to be able to understand the concept of Content Marketing, we nee to learn about two other concepts namely Content and Marketing.

As define by Vocabulary.com, Content or Content refers to all that can be seen or heard by the normal human senses.

Some popular content formats can be mentione as video, images, audio (audio), text (text), or combine content types such as Infographics and Slides.

Although there are many different concepts relate to the term Marketing, the definition of the word “Father of Modern Marketing” Philip Kotler is the most worthy of reference.

According to Professor Philip Kotler Marketing is the science

Discovering, creating and delivering value to satisfy the nees of the target market. Marketing identifies unmet nees and wants to make a profit for the business.

Marketing also involves identifying, measuring, and quantifying the size of the market, determining which segments a business is best able to serve, and from here Tour Operators Travel Agencies Email List designing the right products and promotions. unify.

Summarizing the above analysis, Content Marketing can be understood as a Marketing strategy which focuses on building and distributing valuable Content to customers with the ultimate goal of promoting beneficial activity from the customer to the brand or business.

With Content Marketing, instead of brands constantly promoting or distributing content relatd to products or sales to customers, they use different types of content to interact with customers, different types of content. useful content and help solve customer pain points.

In addition as analyzd above, Content Marketing will include all activities such as researching, analyzing, building, distributing and optimizing content to achieve Marketing objectives.

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What is the goal of Content Marketing accordingly depends

Building brand awareness, building customer loyalty (Brand Loyalty), search engine optimization (Brand Loyalty). SEO ) or sales.

What are content marketers or who are they?
Similar to other marketers, are marketers get CMB Directory to or marketers, content marketing staff is a term use to refer to people who specialize in Content Marketing.

While Content Marketing staff are in charge of content production, building and optimization activities, depending on the business model or specific goals of the business, this position also requires different skills and abilities.

The most important skills of a Content Marketer.
Although depending on the specific business context, businesses or brands may require different types of competencies, here are the top most important skills a Content Marketer should have.

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