Growth Leverage How the Role of Digital Marketing Has Changed

According to various reports, on average each user spends more than 2 hours per day on online platforms and social networks . This not only changes the way they shop for products and services, but also changes the way they perceive brands and consider future purchases.

Traditionally, digital platforms or channels have been seen as the trigger at the end of the customer journey. However, recent research by Nielsen, Nepa and GfK has highlighted the importance of optimizing both short-term and long-term growth goals across all communication channels.

By setting up campaigns appropriately, brands can both drive direct responses and conversions in the short term and drive sustainable growth in the long term.

Consumers today are engaging more with more engaging

Consumers are also discovering new products and services from other online consumers with whom they can connect. As a result, successful brands realize that they can drive sustainable sales growth and profits from digital marketing by expanding their reach to more targeted audiences across the entire channel ( sales funnel) – from brand awareness building, selection support, to sales conversion stage.

To do this, marketers in general must re-evaluate strategies, reallocate budgets, and implement campaigns at different stages.

Instead of just reaching narrow customer Mortgage Brokers Email List segments with performance marketing campaigns , businesses or brands need to expand to reach customers at the very first stages of the buying journey.

Reach out to drive growth.
Driving growth across the entire sales funnel ( Sales Funnel ) starts with setup. Target audiences and ad formats are obviously crucial to success, however, marketers also need to think things through in a more flexible and diverse way.

Many strategies have proven effective by prioritizing a focus on combining expanded lead generation with conversion optimization goals to maximize growth.

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With the right campaign setups algorithm driven personalization

Wise, a global technology company, has proven the power of expanding reach across digital platforms, increasing customer base by 3.4 times thanks to an earlier strategy of engaging with customers. in the buying journey.

Wise wants to increase customer awareness get CMB Directory to and consideration of its core products, and also wants to increase conversions from direct response campaigns.

Therefore, this brand has both focused on the right age groups and people who have visited their website before, optimizing traffic and video views along with that’s direct response campaigns is what they did.

Compared to just running direct response campaigns, branded ads ( Brand-led Ads ) not only bring in more customers, but they also help to double conversion rates and increase recordings. remember advertising (Ad Recall) more than 1.3 times.

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