What is the Market Types of Markets in Marketing

Market is a concept that refers to a place or place where the activities of buying, selling and exchanging goods and services between sellers and buyers take place.

The market can be an online market (online) or an offline market (offline), and the trading or exchange can be direct or indirect.

Market participants include sellers, who provide products and services, and buyers, who nee or buy the products and services provide by sellers.

In some other markets (for example, the online advertising market), the market may also include intermeiaries, which are individuals or organizations that do not directly buy or sell goods (or services). service) but the consumption of products between buyers and sellers, in this example content or advertisements .

Within the field of marketing and business the concept of market

Basically the same as the approach of the marketing concept , which is a very broad term and depending on different contexts or classifications, the market is use. use and understood in different ways.

For example, market can be use in cases Bulk SMS Cyprus such as: retail market, target market, potential market, domestic market, monopoly market, competitive market, international market …vv

However, no matter how the term market is use, in essence there is at least the appearance or participation between the buyer (Buyer) and the seller (Seller), and the buying and selling process . or exchange that takes place on the basis of price itself.

Origin of the term market.
According to the Wikipeia dictionary, the term market is associate with the concept or model of Market, and in English, both Market or Market have the common name Market.

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A market is a place where people including buyers and sellers gather

Together to buy and sell and exchange a multitude of different types of products.

Depending on factors such as population get CMB Directory to culture, geographical conditions or customs of the local people, a Market or a Market appears in many different forms.

The term Market covers many different types of business such as markets, food courts, busy shopping and commercial areas and more.

The concept of a market or buying and selling activities – bartering existed when people began to engage in commercial activities based on the main factor of price.

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