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Marketing is a concept that refers to marketing methodsin which the marketer will focus directly on the  factor with the end goal usually being the number of leads and sales. goods (Sales).

Instead of with brand marketing, businesses focus on branding activities and drive sales in the long term, performance marketing focuses directly on short-term or even direct sales.

Performance Marketing is Therefore Tied to Paid Advertising

Activities (Paid Advertising), according to Statista. By 2022, online advertising industry sales will be worth nearly $600 billion.

As analyzed above, because Telecommunications Email List the goals of businesses are different, the KPIs of performance marketing are different, where the main metrics are leads, sales or trials. Any product.

Or if you are in the task of optimizing advertising campaigns, your goal is to “push performance” up, performance can then be measure by advertising price or conversion rate.

The role of  marketing in the business or with the brand.
While marketers can combine it with brand marketing or not depending on the specific strategy. Performance marketing offers businesses a lot of great advantages.

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Performance Marketing Helps Build Brand Awareness

Although branding or brand awareness is not the goal of  marketing, however, in the process of  promotional activities and reaching target customers, it is also can help them better recognize and remember the brand.

Marketing helps drive leads and sales.
As evident in the very essence of CMB Directory the most important and ultimate goal of  marketing is to accelerate (in many cases directly) the process of acquiring leads and making sales.

Unlike brand marketing, whose messages are often “gentle” and arouse the emotional element of customers, performance marketing uses stronger messages related to customer interests, programs promotions (specials) and more with the intention that the customer needs to make an immediate decision.

Usually for small businesses, units with few resources to invest in branding,  marketing is considere the main strategy.

While there are many different metrics to measure marketing. Here are some of the key metrics commonly use.

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