What is the Creator Economy Understanding the Creator Economy

78% of consumers discover new products while watching videos from creators. ( Statista ).
Gen Y accounts for about 42% of the creator economy and Gen Z is 14%, (According to Adobe).
How is the creator economy classifie?
As analyze above, the creator economy is the economy create by the creators (Creator) and when dissecting this term, we can classify different main groups of in the innovator economy.

Accordingly the main target groups can

Influencer (Economy):Although only a relatively low percentage of the entire Creator concept, Influencers or Influencers are the most “powerful” people in the Bulk SMS Services in Ghana creator economy. Influencers can also be categorize into different types like Micro Influencer, Macro Influencer and more.
KOL (Economy):The second group of innovators in the creator economy is KOL (Key Opinion Leader), who are experts in professional fields such as economics, politics, health, entertainment.
As a whole, the creator economy is part of a larger economic picture that is the Digital Economy or Digital Economy.

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Influencer in English means influencer or influencer is a concept

Business and entertainment industry in general, the term influenecer refers to all individuals. have the ability to influence others, especially being able to change their thoughts and behaviour.

The most obvious characteristic to identify an get CMB Directory to individual as an Influencer is their influence on the behavior, psychology, and even the specific actions of their followers.

Creator economy is a concept that refers to an economy (Economy) where creators (Creators) through the support of platforms or software can monetize their innovative products. Surname.

The most popular supporting platforms in the creator economy today are YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or TikTok.

In addition to the rather common term Economy, according to the Cambridge dictionary , Innovators are defined as authors or builders who are able to produce or create something.

As defined by Adobe, a Creator is someone who engages in content creation activities — like photography, writing, or building NFTs — and shares these works online at least monthly, with hoping to attract a potential audience from which to make money.

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