When Pets Become Influencers in the Advertising Industry

Walking around the videos on Facebook Watch, YouTube and TikTok, we can easily come across pet videos that attract millions, thousands of views and likes. Even some “furry creatures” have their own huge fan base, not inferior to any other popular influencer .

When Pets Become Influencers in the Advertising Industry
So, why not turn pets into personal influencers for your business brand? With this in mind, Pencil Group’s Eraser team immediately tested their hypothesis with the report ” Potential of using pets in advertising ” with surprising results.

Conquer the World From Online to Real Life

According to statistics of Global Web Index, in Vietnam, across the country, up to 77% of households are raising at least one pet. This number is much higher than other countries in the region and the world.

According to a survey by Intage in 2020, in urban areas, the extent of this army’s expansion was 23%, with the ratio between dogs, cats and other Primary Metal Manufacturers Email List pets (such as birds, fish, etc.) not too big of a difference. Rural areas and suburbs recorded the expansion of this army up to 79%.

Not only in the real world, pets also “break through the virtual world” when fan pages about pets and animals always attract a large number of followers and favorites: Lac Thu page attracts 349k likes; The Pet Collective 16,351 million likes; Meowed by 9GAG 4.6 million likes; Cat lovers Club 5.4 million likes.

It is not difficult to see that the TOP VIDEOS most viewed on the platforms is never without pets and the keywords about them have never ceased to be hot. Some pets even joined the million-view club like the crazy dog ​​Moca fanpage with 9.3 million followers or Butin taking a bath with 1.1 million followers…

Pets are influencers in the advertising industry.
Understanding that love, many brands have put animals in advertising and created many interesting media products.

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For example, Complan’s children’s nutrition product company used the image of a cat using Complan nutritional drink and becoming much taller than a dog, overturning the fact that “cats are afraid of cats.” dog”, making customers impressed by the product’s functions and features.

Or to advertise the Flexcam feature, Samsung Galaxy Flip 4 used cats taking selfies, hitting the pain of phone users who took pictures but had no place to get CMB Directory to stand, or corners where normal cameras are difficult. can be captured.

The image of a hairy army that can take lovely selfies with Flexcam has made many people feel lovely and curious.

Coca-Cola is also a true “king” of animal advertising. In its advertisement, Coca-Cola uses the image of animals happily drinking its soft drink. The use of animals in advertising gives Coca-Cola a lot of sympathy from users, becoming a friendly, approachable brand and true to the spirit of “Open Happiness” that Coca-Cola wants to convey.

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